Serving People

Choices Are For Everyone, Inc. is a nonprofit agency offering home supports and community supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities. CAFE focuses upon the needs, wants, wishes, and desires of each person we serve, in relation to their community environment. We sincerely believe that each person we serve has the right to live their life without restrictions, constraints, and controls being placed upon them. Every person should be offered a wide variety of choices in life and that is what we strive for on a daily basis.


Satisfaction is what we strive for at CAFE. Programs are designed by the consumer for the consumer, inherently leading to a more satisfying program. Choices truly are for everyone at CAFE.


Starting with each person's program and the infinite array of choices available, CAFE thrives upon individuality. We see a whole universe and all of its possibilities in the eyes of each person we serve. We are unwilling to sacrifice individual beauty for the sake of the group.


Our focus is not on changing people, but on understanding them and building upon their essential lifestyle choices. We help people discover their choices and then help them to have those choices honored.